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Virtual AGMs

Virtual AGMs Discuss, Share and Interact over the Virtual AGM Platforms

The limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic have become the catalyst to accept the use of virtual technology for major annual general meetings.

Virtual AGM's allow members to participate and vote on matters of importance to the organization remotely, using their computers, smartphones, or other devices. Virtual AGMs are increasingly popular due to their convenience and ability to reach a larger audience and reduce the environmental impact of travel.

In a Virtual AGM, members can typically participate through a web-based platform or video conferencing software. The meeting is usually conducted similarly to an in-person AGM, with a chairperson or moderator leading the proceedings and members having the opportunity to ask questions and make comments.

Coseke is there to provide you with technology that enables you to host and run a successful annual AGM with all stakeholders virtually. All our solutions are secure, and it is built specifically to meet the requirements of the market and the clients.

The technology platform allows the participants to participate successfully by supporting live Q & A Sessions, ensuring that only those with the right to vote can vote, and also it gives the members the option to cast a vote live during the meeting.

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