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Industries Coseke Serves

Over the past 3 decades, Coseke Limited has worked with players in many industries, both in the public and private sector. During this time we have acquired valuable experience in regards to specific industry needs, how to meet them now and what to anticipate in the future.

One thing that has come out clearly over time is that even in the same industry, individual organization’s needs differ, therefore the ICT solutions in individual needs differ as well. That is where Coseke Limited comes in, we have and continue to provide tailor made solutions for our clients to best suit their operations and culture.

The industries we have sustainably served over the years are include:

  • Government – National & County Governments
  • Parastatals
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Sacco’s
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Energy
  • NGO
  • Manufacturing

And the list keeps growing.