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About Us

Coseke The Pan African IT Solutions Company

Come grow along with COSEKE. We live up to our motto, “Quality means no compromise”.

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Solutions You Need Capture, Manage, Share

COSEKE is uniquely qualified to provide complete solutions as per all our clients’ needs. We are a Pan African IT solutions specialist company since 1990 providing Information and Content Management Solutions to change how work gets done in organizations of all sizes.
We help your business to effectively Capture, Manage, Share and Preserve their information assets in ways that reduce overhead and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

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Digitization Automate, Measure, Improve

COSEKE has over 60 employees in the region, amongst which resources are shared. Our wish is to make African organizations paperless and more process efficient thus having a competitive edge over others, while optimized business processes in their respective ways.
With over two decades of experience, Coseke provides organizations with a competitive edge by automating, measuring and improving resource-intensive business processes across different communities, including customers, employees and partners.

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Flexibility Decision, Flexible, Adapt

Coseke provides organizations with the insight to make informed business decisions and the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing market needs through real-time metrics that ensure business objectives and customer commitments are managed effectively. Building on its strength in financial services, government and utilities, Coseke empowers sites for more than 300 installations in 6 countries.

Amazing Team. Awesome Skills.

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Philip MbuguaTechnical Operations Manager Kenya
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Jeff NduvaViewCountry Manager Tanzania
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Josephat MachetaCountry Manager Uganda
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Lily KariukiCountry Manager Kenya

Why people love us RIITE - Core Values


We take pride in our work, and want to ensure services and products are truly exceptional.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We have courage to reach beyond our comfort zone to try innovative and unconventional ideas.


We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.


We use the most cost efficient way to fulfill our customers demands and work with continuous improvements.