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Case Study ReadSheria Sacco Takes Digital Journey to an efficient Future Using C-One EDMS

Sheria Sacco Takes Digital Journey to an efficient Future Using C-One EDMS

May 3, 2021
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Sheria Sacco has implemented an Electronic Document Management System that has automated the workflow. Coseke, Kenya has designed and developed the EDMS to manage the creation, execution, storage and access of information. EDMS has eliminated the burden of paperwork, increased productivity and improve the efficiency of the working procedures.

Value Addition

Overall, the system has brought accountability and transparency in management of records which has allowed management to make informed business decisions more effectively due to timely access of information. Other benefits Include;

  1. Reduction in processing time
  2. Optimal work distribution
  3. Accountability of the system users who access the scanned documents.
  4. Greater customer satisfaction through quicker response
  5. Efficient document management and tracking of status.
  6. Improved performance monitoring using audit trails
  7. Faster search and retrieval mechanism of the scanned records.
  8. Provides accountability with 100% visibility to all the system users
  9. Effective management control and monitoring of the system utility
  10. Reduced costs related to paper and printing of the physical records