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Case Study ReadC-One DMS platform at KNBS

C-One DMS platform at KNBS

May 3, 2021
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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is a corporate body established under the Statistics Act (2006). It is the principal Government agency responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis, publication and dissemination of official statistical information and its custody. It also oversees the coordination, supervision and development of programmes within the National Statistical System. Coseke has implemented C-One Document Management System.

The Problem

To effectively manage change, an organization must be agile. Bottlenecks to operational agility might include an inability to locate data, or outdated SOPs that expose the company to noncompliance or financial, operational, or legal risk. These bottlenecks might rest within the document management process, rendering it unreliable.

  1. Scanning and Indexing of records
  2. Installation and configuration of C-one software
  3. Training of users
  4. Business analysis and needs assessment
  5. Designing of workflows.

This is exactly what was stifling smooth operation at the Kenya National Bureau of Standards.

The Solution

The project kicked off and electronic document management systems, C-One with 5 rule workflows were implemented. The critical workflows included;

  1. Incoming/outgoing mails workflows
  2. Leave application processing workflow
  3. Staff appraisal processing
  4. Performance contracting system workflow
  5. Imprest surrender document processing work flow

During the period Over 3Million records have been digitized into a system which allows KNBS streamline operations and with a click of a button, a supervisor or a manager can be able to tell where there are delays in getting things done. Previously, a manager would spend over 30 minutes searching for documents. Today, this can be done from any device anywhere in the world by a click of a button. The project is currently under support and warranty for a period of one year.