Kodak Scanners

Share documents across the network – or the world. Scan without additional hardware or software

Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu is an established leader in the capture market providing state-of-the-art scanning hardware that delivers speed, image quality and unsurpassed paper handling, their all encompassing range means that you can address your scanning requirements from the desktop to centralized network scanning to production level archiving from the one manufacturer allowing for one contact, one training requirement and one service programme.

Fujitsu’s innovative scanning solutions make it easy for Information Workers with little to no training to create high quality images. Additionally most of Fujitsu’s fi range come bundled with VRS professional which is an exceptional enhancement tool that revolutionises scanning and makes the process of scanning documents less costly in terms of time for preparation and manual intervention during the scanning process. The most important part of scanning and capturing images is the ability to find, retrieve and use them later. The advanced technology in VRS literally cleans up scanned images which in turn increases the accuracy from any OCR or ICR software. VRS increases productivity, efficiency and in time sees a greater return for your investment.