Mechanical Assisted

Mechanical-shelvesMobile storage systems are usually constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face. When rotated, the handle operates the mechanism which winds the single, connected, filing unit either left or right, depending on a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the handle. In an office, for example, several stacks of moveable filing cabinets may be accommodated in a limited space.

Drive mechanisms vary; traditionally systems were offered with chain drive but modern technology allows belt drive systems which provide smooth, quiet operation.

Although the “bays of shelving” that sit on the mobile chassis come in many standard sizes, they can be mixed to create run lengths of shelving to maximize the room length.

The tracks can be installed onto many different types of floor and on different levels. The tracks themselves can either have a false floor running in between so that the tracks do not become a trip hazards or they can be put into the floor (usually concrete floor) or have a small ramps either side of the tracks, either option gives you a hazard free floor and track system