Electronic Shelves

Electric_mobile_shelvingThese are electrically powered Shelve. Units normally have a small AC or DC motor hidden in the base that automatically moves the units when a single button is pressed. High-end versions connect into archiving databases, and using RFID allows the easy retrieval of archived items with auto-open and close functions.

This intelligent mobile storage system will change the way you work. A computerized control sets a new standard for setup, safety, and flexibility. Organization entities facing storage space and compliance have already discovered that computerized shelves can help them bring tighter security for patient record filing. Changing access and security privileges is simple. Programmable transponders eliminate the need for system keys, locks, codes, and expensive training.

Additionally, when the weight of items stored on the mobile carriage is either increased or decreased, the change will automatically be detected by the controller and the carriage running and stopping speeds will be instantaneously adjusted to meet the new weight load.

In the today’s world documents are growing and growing. Each document spawns more difficult in handling: replies, attachments that have to be cross-referenced. Slowly the amount of storage space and retrieval time in office is shrinking while the piles are growing.