Finally, A Solution To Your Complex, Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes.

Not every process can be neatly defined. You know your goals and the information or steps required to make decisions and deliver the work. But how the work gets done may vary based on the unique situation or customer. Whether you need to open accounts, process claims, or maintain county property records, you need to know who has the work item, what has happened, where the documents are, and what’s necessary to get the work done.

Gain Control over the Most Unmanageable Process.

Coseke’s case management solutions help you manage these unstructured and typically most expensive and complex processes. Our solutions relate independent documents across the enterprise into a single virtual folder or ‘case’. You gain control over these cases whether it’s a defined process, ad hoc process, or a combination of both. You’ll gain visibility and control over your work even when you can’t predict the outcome.

Meet Regulatory or Compliance Requirements.

Access and availability of enterprise information requires advanced document tracking and audit tools. Our customers have complete transparency to any change in enterprise content through our leading compliance, security, and tracking capabilities that provide all details for any document or case folder to meet audit and regulatory requirements.