Book Scanners

Book scanners make it possible to digitize bound material with extremely high processing speeds.Bookl scanners have a unique book Cradles for microfilm cameras and book scanners which leave no requirements unfulfilled in terms of user-friendliness and protection of original documents. They have the capacity to create exact images every time even when digitizing the most sensitive material.

Combined with lighting systems that operate without UV radiation, both the original document and the operator are protected. Books, maps and historical writings can be perfectly preserved for future generations. Highly adapted to the operator’s needs, book scanners are offered for formats from DIN A3+ to DIN A0.

Below are some of the types that we deal in..

Departmental Product Name   Special Features  
Zeta Zeutschel Book Scanner
Compact, functional and revolutionary design,Easy installation thanks to plug’n’scan,Convenient operation,Independent of ambient light,No glare for users,Touch panel with multi-touch technology,Brilliant color rendering,High scanning speed,Short scanning cycles.  

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